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THE RECKLESS KIND is a modern supernatural site based on werecreatures and set in a fictionalized small town.
Within the territory, are 7 groups who protect the land. Recently, sacred grounds around the world are being destroyed & it looks like Somerset is next. Will you help stand against the evil or help win its victory?
Something is coming to Somerset & it's going to change things temporarily for our residents. It's also a great chance to earn another badge!

Somerset, Pennsylvania
July 2018
FORECAST: Summer is here. Take care to stay hydrated & wear sunscreen. The high is 82° with a low of 55°.
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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Amelia Hardrick WERECOYOTE 29-November 17 51
Andrew Payne WERECAT 25-April 18 15
Anise Standing Bear HUMAN 1-May 18 68
Atlas Grey WERECAT 19-April 18 14
Brandy Carter WERECOYOTE 24-December 17 76
Callie Wilkes WEREBEAR 28-November 17 99
Charlotte Ulric WEREWOLF 29-November 17 60
Chayton Reed WENDIGO 5-December 17 16
Chloe O'Sullivan WEREWOLF 23-December 17 36
Colin O'Sullivan WEREWOLF 24-May 18 8
Connor Hardrick WERECOYOTE 28-November 17 43
Cooper Hardrick WERECOYOTE 28-November 17 74
Dallas Ferrer WEREBEAR 26-May 18 47
Desdemona Carter WERECOYOTE 30-June 18 8
Diana Avery BIRD OF PREY 28-November 17 53
Eric Liang BIRD OF PREY 18-February 18 35
Eva Perez BIRD OF PREY 1-June 18 19
Finn O'Sullivan WEREWOLF 28-November 17 91
Gavin Blair WEREBEAR Yesterday at 12:55 pm 2
Gwendolyn Abbott MEMBER 4-July 18 1
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sknned by vanessa of shine and caution