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THE RECKLESS KIND is a modern supernatural site based on werecreatures and set in a fictionalized small town.
Within the territory, are 7 groups who protect the land. Recently, sacred grounds around the world are being destroyed & it looks like Somerset is next. Will you help stand against the evil or help win its victory?
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Somerset, Pennsylvania
June 2018
FORECAST: Spring is in the air with showers throughout the week. The high is 75° with a low of 53°.
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House of Athena
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a darker theme for members to switch to if the light skin bothers our eyes?
Yes. Members can access this skin at the bottom. Guests, however, will only be allowed to use the light version.


You can follow us on our Tumblr page, HERE, for additional plot updates, requests, and character spotlights.


We invite both guests and members to our site Discord channel HERE.

How do I link to my Member Directory post?
After you've filled out your Member Directory code and post it, go to your main profile by clicking your account name. Locate View Posts (3rd button on the right) and click it. Find your Member Directory post and click Post Preview. Copy the link and add it to your profile.

Are thread templates mandatory?
No. We have a post template embedded in our skin which can format your posts by using the POST button at the top. If you would like to use customized premade templates, the staff have selected several and posted them HERE

Does the world know about werecreatures?
The world as a whole does not know about the existence of werecreatures; however, there are those who know, including long-term Somerset residents. It is not mandatory Somerset residents know about werecreatures, though those who do know are expected to keep the secret.

What species are allowed on the site?
Our only accepted species are humans, werewolves, werebears, birds of prey, werecoyotes, werefoxes, werecats and wendigos.

* We introduce new groups of species as the plot progresses and that is why you'll see only a handful of animals as options. The reason for this is because Somerset and the surrounding area is rather small. Realistically, if too many groups from around the world or even the country were to move to Somerset at once, it would put the territory on the human radar. Human government agencies would then put a spotlight on the area and begin investigating. So if you don't see your desired species, please be patient. They may get introduced down the road.

Can a bitten human turn into an animal that does not live within their area?
A spirit is strongest when it has a clan near sacred ground, though it is possible to turn into animals from other parts of a werecreature's state.

Does a person have to turn or is there a "cure"?
There is no rule that says a bitten person has to turn. The spirits will take the individual's choice into consideration, especially if the bite was given without consent, which means some people remain human after their first full moon. Although the scar will remain, they will not be affected by the alpha mark as werecreatures are and can return to living a normal life. Once fully turned on their first full moon, werecreatures cannot return to being human.

However, wendigos have the ability to turn back into regular werecreatures if they avoid spilling blood through violent means between their first and second full moons and make it onto sacred ground before the turning begins.

Do I have to join a clan?
It is not mandatory to join a clan, but there are some definite benefits to being part of one. There's strength in numbers as well as access to more resources, greater support, and generally, access to sacred ground alongside the clan on full moons. Nomads who come to town are expected to set up a meeting with one of the alphas to declare their presence, though joining is not required.

Do I have to join the clan that matches my species?
It is not required that a new werecreature switch to the clan of their species; however, a lot of them eventually make the choice to better grow their skills and build bonds with the others like them.

Why are the wendigos so attracted to Somerset?
Long ago, sacred ground existed all over the world and the spirits appointed guardians to them as protectors. Wendigos want to kill the guardians and poison the sacred ground so it cuts the werecreatures off from the spirits and leaves them unable to safely turn others. This would also create an epidemic of wendigos, especially in a town with the high and diverse werecreature population that Somerset has.

What is sacred ground?
These are areas of land that have been touched by the spirits so they possess the unique ability to allow contact between human and the spirits. It is necessary for any bitten human to be on sacred ground on their first full moon in order to avoid becoming a wendigo.

In Somerset, the sacred ground is called Acca Larentia and is protected by the Ulric pack.

What sacred grounds are known to be inactive?
With the rise in wendigo presences, the following states are known to have lost one or more sacred grounds: Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, and on the border between Indiana and Illinois.

How can my character change rank?
Almost all rank changes are based on families so children take over their parents' positions or extended families can step up such as nieces, nephews, cousins, etc. In the rare instance of no descendants or extended family, the current rank holder will choose a successor who must be approved by a majority vote of the clan.

How does shifting work?
Once on sacred ground, the light of the full moon hits the changeling and puts them into a trance-like state. A spirit animal will come and claim them. They will feel the grotesque pain of their body shifting into that of their animal then black out once the transformation is complete. The animal's mind will take over until dawn, though with the morning's light, they will be told the result of their change and welcomed into their new clan.

Why do lower ranking werecreatures have less control in animal form?
It takes years of training and meditation to learn to hold off the werecreature changes and keep the human spirit at the forefront. Control is the spirits' gift to those in charge and allows them to act as shepherds, guiding and teaching those they have been entrusted to protect. Training and meditation are both taught at Modern Kyoshitsu, as well as positions, being open for trainers.

What happens if a woman gets pregnant and shifts during the full moon?
Given the werecreature and human spirits exist side-by-side, a pregnant werecreature will only shift enough to meet the animalistic needs without harming the baby so it's not even necessary for them to be on sacred ground for a full moon.

What happens if someone stays in their animal form for a long time?
There are stories that say if a werecreature stays in their animal form for too long, they can become stuck and live out the rest of their days as that animal; however, there are no known examples of this phenomenon within or outside Somerset. If you are interested in exploring this concept, we are open to it so speak with an admin.

What happens if a werecreature kills or eats humans and other werecreatures full-time?
Werecreatures aren't naturally evil despite what some say about their spirit animal. Those who take life without just cause taint their hearts and animal spirits which creates a sinister version of themselves. Overtime, the werecreature form will more closely resemble the wendigo to reflect their evil intentions.

Why did local hunters try to keep the werecreature secret back during the wendigo war?
The wendigos were a larger threat to the general population with their indiscriminate killing, and the local clans had shown themselves to be somewhat peaceful. It was also believed that bringing in a large group of hunters would simply provide more cannon fodder and double the chance for exposure on all sides so they chose to ban with the clans, presumably temporarily; however, temporarily became a permanent alliance.

What does a peacekeeper's inhibitor prevent?
The inhibitors worn by peacekeepers can stop shifting (partial or full) and largely slow down regenerative abilities; however, a werecreature who shifted prior to the arrival of a peacekeeper would remain shifted indefinitely. Their healing and shifting would return to normal once they got out of range from the inhibitor.

What happens when a turnee's alpha dies?
When an alpha dies, the people under their Mark become temporarily nomadic. They are given the option to transfer the Mark to a new alpha (most likely the successor of the deceased alpha) who will then bite or scratch the old Mark. The transfer of power will be immediate.

On the same note, if an alpha is not dead but the turnee wants to transfer clans it will be the same process. The alpha of their choosing will re-Mark them and the transfer of power will take effect immediately.

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