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THE RECKLESS KIND is a modern supernatural site based on werecreatures and set in a fictionalized small town.
Within the territory, are 7 groups who protect the land. Recently, sacred grounds around the world are being destroyed & it looks like Somerset is next. Will you help stand against the evil or help win its victory?
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Somerset, Pennsylvania
June 2018
FORECAST: Spring is in the air with showers throughout the week. The high is 75° with a low of 53°.
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 Festival Update Announcement
she, her
House of Athena
POSTS: 133
TRIGGERS: harm to children; sexual violence; snickles
What happens now?
In light of the tragedies at the Somerest Festival, we would like to provide members with an outline of what's happened and where it leads us in the current time.

According to all reports, the attackers at each event were presumably humans. Those caught and killed at the concert event (Smokescreen) were humans beween the ages of 18-23 who had been town residents at one point. This is one of the first times Somerset has dealt with coordinated human violence since the founding of the peacekeepers back in the 1970s.

Immediately following the events, the clans went into protective protocols, including:

  • lockdown of their people aside from those who are reporting to the hospital to check on loved ones or clan members
  • mobilization of the royal guard
  • gathering reports

Next steps include:

  • Peacekeepers are investigating families and where they got the money and weapons from.
  • Clan leaders are handling media coverage with it being represented as an isolated terrorist attack.
  • Claims have been made that all of those involved in the attack were killed during the events to avoid panic; however, there are some who have esacped.
  • The Carnival of Minciuni was closed for several days but has recently opened its doors again, though the foxes are staying close to home.
  • The clans are in the process of developing silver poisoning protocols and inspecting vehicles at the motor show.
  • Funerals for the fallen werecreatures will take place next weekend alongside fallen humans, though they'll separate so werecreaetures are cremated.

Anyone with questions can speak with an admin for more information.

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sknned by vanessa of shine and caution