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THE RECKLESS KIND is a modern supernatural site based on werecreatures and set in a fictionalized small town.
Within the territory, are 7 groups who protect the land. Recently, sacred grounds around the world are being destroyed & it looks like Somerset is next. Will you help stand against the evil or help win its victory?
Something is coming to Somerset & it's going to change things temporarily for our residents. It's also a great chance to earn another badge!

Somerset, Pennsylvania
July 2018
FORECAST: Summer is here. Take care to stay hydrated & wear sunscreen. The high is 82° with a low of 55°.
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 searching for a trail to follow again, tag: open
Bounty Hunter
TRIGGERS: Mostly comfortable with anything
afraid of what
you might become
TAG: @Lindy Helms

Lindy's line of questions was going to be met with a crazy look before her body decided to shiver at the thought of any of those being fact. She thought about lying and telling her something else but decided against it last minute. It wasn't the most interesting thing in the world, though Charlie did value the secrecy of her contacts. "Informant. He isn't serving jail time for petty crimes because he turned state's evidence. When some juicy gossip slips up, he tells me first and in return I keep him hidden from those he ratted out." Protection was something she was good at and offered when money wasn't an option.

Her eyes narrowed as she recalled the last poker game she walked in on and shrugged. "I don't think they have a specific game. They're usually high or drunk by this time of night." She glanced at the time to confirm her statement. "Definitely ice cream. Possibly kittens. Not a lot of them have the funds to actually gamble." Charlie began to nod to the music on the radio and was tempted to sing. The burn in the back of her throat and her breathless state earlier said she shouldn't.

"Not exactly sure what they do with the kittens," she said after a moment and switched from the radio to the playlist on her phone. Tina Turner echoed out of the truck speakers and Charlie smiled. "They don't hurt them. Already investigated that part of their game, but other than that they just seem to really like cats. It's weird."

Victims Advocate
she, her
PRONOUNS: she, her
TRIGGERS: harm to children

we are heroes in

the darkest times

Lindy blinked in surprise at the reveal of his connection since it hadn't even been a consideration. It made sense, though. The other wolf might be on the badass side, but she also had a good heart. She wanted to ask if he'd started making better choices since turning state's evidence except that seemed like more information than she needed plus she doubted Charlie wanted to talk about work.

"Wait, they have ice cream and kittens? I'm tempted to ask if any of them are single except I could never sell the high or drunk thing to Dad," she joked, already beginning to feel better with the distance from Somerset. It was like she didn't have to think so much plus Charlie made it hard to be somber with her music and stories of strange contacts. Tina Turner's voice coming through the speaks brightened her smile as she hummed along with the song.

Even as her mouth was open to ask, the other wolf was quick to assure her they didn't hurt the kittens. She should have known Charlie would have looked into anything like that, but she found herself questioning, "You think they'll let me play with the kitten since we're already taking up their time? It's worth the silent treatment from Beastie to cuddle a cat. Also, anyone ever suggested you become a therapist?"

TAG: @Charlotte Ulric NOTES: She thinks too much.


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