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THE RECKLESS KIND is a modern supernatural site based on werecreatures and set in a fictionalized small town.
Within the territory, are 7 groups who protect the land. Recently, sacred grounds around the world are being destroyed & it looks like Somerset is next. Will you help stand against the evil or help win its victory?
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Somerset, Pennsylvania
June 2018
FORECAST: Spring is in the air with showers throughout the week. The high is 75° with a low of 53°.
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she, her
House of Athena
POSTS: 133
TRIGGERS: harm to children; sexual violence; snickles
What's happened so far?
NOVEMBER 30, 1880
Abraham Ulric and his family enter the surrounding area and buy a small patch of land to farm. During that winter, he discovers the ruins of an unclaimed holy ground. Visited by the GREAT WOLF SPIRIT, Abraham and his family are chosen to begin a new bloodline of werewolves and protect sacred ground. Thus, the birth of the SOMERSET WOLF PACK. Out of honor, Abraham names the holy land ACCA LARENTIA.

APRIL 11, 1937
Christopher Wilkes and his family arrive in Somerset along with a large group of bears. After speaking with the Ulrics, they buy a plot of land in the eastern portion of town to open a woodworking business and live at peace with the Ulrics, though they possess no access to sacred ground.


MARCH 11, 1973
A group of strangers moves in on the edge of the Ulric territory. They want to settle into Somerset and share custody of the sacred ground despite their suspicious behavior. Negotiations on merging the two packs into one come to an abrupt end when the newcomers are revealed as wendigos and sent away. There are rumors of an impending war on the horizon despite the pressure to settle matters peacefully.

AUGUST 17, 1973
The wendigos return to attack the town of Somerset. A large group of them change in broad daylight and march down Main Street. They kill anyone in their path. Human, shifter, man, woman, and child. Their reign of terror stretches out into businesses, schools, and the main residential areas. The Ulric pack retaliates and pushes the enemy back out of town temporarily.

STEPEMBER 29, 1973
Since the supernatural world is on the verge of exposure, seven local hunter families begin creating an organization to handle human problems and protect the werecreature secrets. Several members are sent to do damage control with the media and outside intruders while the others track down the wendigos. See Peacekeepers.

The brewing war is covered up with an official story about riots and protesters based on farmlands and big business. Military involvement is halted through old connections and a pay-off while the newly formed Peacekeepers organization fights alongside the clans to remove the wendigo presence entirely from Somerset.

February 1974
Kachina Avery arrived in Somerset with her tribe of birds based on hearing stories about the wendigo attacks. Her childhood was filled with such stories and the role her family played in creating them which compelled her to step up and help, though many were lost in the battle, including her own children. It was with a hopeful heart that she chose to remain in Somerset and raise her young granddaughters among the other clans.

FEBRUARY 7, 1974
The wendigos target the Wilkes territory and try to overthrow the werebears. The sleuth was able to prevent being defeated, but the Wilkes king was fatally wounded. His son ultimately decides to end his suffering to ensure direct succession and becomes the new alpha. He and his wife are crowned and begin to take over responsibility immediately. They pressure the Ulric pack for an alliance with terms they both agree on.

APRIL 21, 1974
The Ulric pack and Wilkes sleuth eventually reach terms of an agreement they are both comfortable with and an alliance is formed. The sleuth enters the war as an ally and a wave of victory follows. However, the wendigo attacks continue and leave questions about where they're coming from and why Somerset.

MARCH 27, 1975
Tobias mercifully takes his father's life and becomes the new Alpha of the Somerset pack. MAY 16, 1975
To turn the tide of the war, the wendigos target the Avery family since they were not heavily protected in their new alliance with the clans. Several are killed during the attack, including Inola and Patwin Avery, next in line to be the reigning alphas.

Tables have turned in favor of the Somerset clans. In one last battle before Christmas Day, Tobias defeats the head of the wendigo group. What few are left are taken into the custody of the hunter families and presumably executed for their crimes while the three clans in Somerset begin picking up their shattered lives.


The beginning of the new year was met with a sense of rebirth and new beginnings. While the people of Somerset had numerous obstacles to face, they did so with unity. Plans were drawn up and land divided among the three clans. The bears would take the north-northeast. The birds would take the west-southwest. The wolves would take the south-southeast. Sacred ground was within shared custody and the clans could create as many as they wished in order to fill their numbers. New Policies and protocols are put in place in case of another war.

Officially recognized as an organization, the Peacekeepers set up their own training camp in the nearby woods and begin preparing for the future. Their own alliance is created with the clans that allow them to do things their way so long as the town isn't threatened from within or outside.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2005
Callie Wilkes approaches the alphas with an idea to create an official training facility for the younger clan members. It soon grows into a bigger program to train the royal guards with a building donated that is named Modern Kyoshitsu and is open to all species and ages as teachers and students.


APRIL 2007
The Sons of Mayhem migrate to Pennsylvania and settle on the outskirts of town. They make a claim for sacred ground much like the wendigo pack did so many years ago. In order to prevent a new war, Tobias offers them a piece of land in the wolf territory that is carefully monitored by the Peacekeepers.
Negotiations for an alliance begin . . .

June 21, 2011
In the aftermath of her grandmother's last transformation on the full moon, Winona and her sister, Diana, held Kachina's hands while she passed onto the next life. A ceremony was held later that night to move her spirit on and officially make Winona the new alpha with Diana acting as beta.

A new, smaller group of wendigos arrive within Somerset. Their first stop is the Lost Mountain Campgrounds that unofficially belongs to the Sons of Mayhem where there are several casualties, including president Connor Hardrick's estranged partner, Shay Mulligans. Further incidents around town prompt the coyotes to accept an alliance with the clans that allows them limited access to sacred ground and more acceptance within town.

November 2012
In the aftermath of the wendigo attacks, Michael Wilkes was left critically injured. He asks his daughter, Callie, to give him a quick death rather than let him continue to suffer. Following a mercy kill, Callie becomes the alpha with her mother's guidance and the full support of the sleuth.

March 12, 2017
On the full moon, the pack says goodbye to Tobias Ulric. His son, Macon, mercifully takes his life and takes the position as the new alpha of the pack. He declares his fiance, Sybil Thomas, as the second alpha and sets a date to marry in 2018.

January 2018
Naveen Singh made his appearance in Somerset with a band of tigers under his command. A large area of land was purchased to the east of Ulric territory and renovated into a main house for Naveen as well as other lodging for the tigers. Contact was initiated with the alphas of the primary Somerset clans, though an actual alliance has not been reached yet.

March 2018
The Carnival of Minciuni headed by the Pacala family made its debut in Somerset and set up not only the carnival but their caravan of performers. Plans have been made to reach out to other alphas in the area along with contacting Naveen since their paths crossed before Somerset.

Also, Rosa Jackson has come to town in search of ties for her cougars and set up a meeting for herself with Macon Ulric as well as beginning to integrate into local businesses.

In a ceremony witnessed by most, Macon Ulric and Sybil Thomas were officially married at the country club. They will spend the first two weeks of April out of town on their honeymoon while Troy Howell runs things in their steed.

June 2018
Somerset's Street Festival is interrupted by multiple attacks that leave numerous casualties of all species. The clans and peacekeepers begin working together to identify a motive for the humans behind the attacks, all aged 18 to 23, who were town residents at some point; however, exact details remain uncertain.

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