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THE RECKLESS KIND is a modern supernatural site based on werecreatures and set in a fictionalized small town.
Within the territory, are 7 groups who protect the land. Recently, sacred grounds around the world are being destroyed & it looks like Somerset is next. Will you help stand against the evil or help win its victory?
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Somerset, Pennsylvania
June 2018
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she, her
House of Athena
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TRIGGERS: harm to children; sexual violence; snickles

The Alpha position is reserved for those who have been chosen by The Great Animal Spirits or by their clans as a leader. They are responsible for the protection and training of those within their territory. When an Alpha chooses a mate, their partner also receives a similar title. The only way to gain this power is to take the life of the previous Alpha.

A Master is similar to an Alpha; however, they have no pack to call their own. They walk a nomadic life, turning and training those they come across until they can hand their apprentice over to a clan or take their place. This is also a position given to the elderly. Those who hold no real authority, but have reached the second half of their extended lifespan.

Both Alpha and Master hold the ability to keep their human mindset during a full moon and control their transformation at will. They can also control those with their Mark. It serves as a symbiotic bond between the maker and the turnee for the rest of their lives. If someone leaves the clan to join another, they must sever that bond by having another Alpha bite or scratch them.

NOTE: The command ability will not be used without discussion and consent from members.


The Beta position is reserved for those considered closest to the Alpha. In the absence of both Alpha or their mate, the Beta assumes the leadership position and takes on all responsibilities, though they immediately relent the position upon the alpha's return. A Beta often tests an Alpha in ways lower pack members cannot, ensuring their head remains focused on the clan's well-being over their own ego. They continue to hold their human mindset during full moons and can control their transformations.

Currently, there are 2-3 Beta's who serve the true Alpha as advisors and generals. For the humans they turn, their Mark holds only so much power as it is the Alpha who take over during the full moon. Those they do turn will be separated from the others the Alpha has turned and trained by the Betas in the hopes that one day they will replace them.


The Kappas (also known as "The Royal Guard", "The Guard", or "Enforcers) are the most lethal group in the clan. These are the people who are sworn to protect the Alphas and serve as the first line of defense in the territory. The selective process is determined when a member of the clan reaches 18 years old and is entered into a series of competitions held by the clans. The last 3 standing from each clan at the end will move on to their training.

Kappas are trained every day, mercilessly, for the next year by their fellow guard. They are taught a variety of martial arts and weapon knowledge in order to fight in hand-to-hand combat as well as long-distance combat. Failure is not an option, something that is drilled into their head from the beginning. One mistake could cost a life.

They do not have the ability to keep their human mindset or control over their transformation on a full moon; however, they can shift into their animal form outside of the full moon. This does take practice, though, and will likely not be accomplished in the first few years as a werecreature. They are forced to learn quicker than the lower-ranking clan members.


A Subbordinate refers to the middle class in a clan. They have been a werecreature for over a decade. Their responsibilities to the clan and territory differ depending on their family connections or occupations. While they do not retain their human mindset on full moons, they do learn to control their shifts outside of the full moon. The most common control is the hybrid form which reveals claws, teeth, eyes, and a distorted image of their animal form. With enough training and determination, they can eventually turn completely animal; however, this is not advised for long periods of time.

Older and more experienced ranking members will warn against the dangers of a complete turn outside of a full moon. There are several legends told to younger members about the consequences of this action. A major reason is that they lose human consciousness after about an hour in animal form which will result in them being stuck. Without the power of an Alpha or Beta, they could become their animal permanently.


An Omega is the bottom of the totem pole in the hierarchy. No matter the age, they are considered the babies of the clans. An Omega is considered someone who has only been a werecreature for less than a decade. There is no sense of control over their newfound abilities or their transformations. They tend to be highly emotional and hungry as they sort out their new selves. It takes a great deal of guidance from their clan in order to overcome these obstacles.


A Changeling (also known as "turnee") is a human in their incubation period after they received the Mark and before their first full moon. It is during this time that they will experience heightened senses, healing abilities, and an insatiable hunger. They are often kept close to home and escorted to sacred ground before sunset on the night of a full moon. It is the responsibility of the Alphas to ensure they are protected and make it in time for
The Claiming.


A peacekeeper is a specially trained hunter who has taken a vow to protect the werecreatures world. Almost all of them originate from the same seven families in Somerset and begin their training after turning thirteen. They are taught to not only fight and defend but also mediate problems between clans with violence being an absolute last resort.

All peacekeepers are given an inhibitor embedded within the jewelry of their choice which allows them to negate the werecreature ability to shift in their presence, though it useless once broken but can be replaced.


A hunter is one who seeks to eradicate werecreatures through any means necessary, particularly violence. Their training is similar to peacekeepers yet they are often taught to be immediately offensive and that anyone who tries to protect werecreatures should suffer their fate. Rarely, a hunter will request to become part of the peacekeepers, though there is a lengthy trial process.

For more information on peacekeepers and hunters, go HERE.


All humans are considered the rank of Protected unless they are a Peacekeeper or Hunter. There is a strict law among the clans in town that no human within the territory can be harmed or killed. Those found guilty will either be branded and exiled or sentenced to death.


A Nomad is any werecreature without a clan. For whatever reason, they do not serve under an Alpha or Master. While they are not often considered dangerous, they are under suspicion until their intentions are proven otherwise. A Nomad must announce their presence to an Alpha of the territory upon entering. Those who are caught in the territory will be arrested and brought forth to the Alpha Council and questioned.

This is also the rank given to Wendigos as they aren't known to travel in groups nor do they have an Alpha or Master.


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