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 SPIRIT ANIMALS, which animal claims you?
she, her
House of Athena
POSTS: 133
TRIGGERS: harm to children; sexual violence; snickles
The pack value loyalty, obedience, restraint, and duty above all else, so it wouldn't be too far-fetched that a wolf would have some (but not all) of these qualities in their personalities.

The wolf is known for its sharp intelligence and expression of strong instincts. They tend to go by their gut-feeling and apply rationality and logic later.

Lack of trust in outsiders and those who do not seem to share a sense of loyalty or respect are common.

They are also known to be incredible communicators and can be generous to those in need. Given they are canines, wolves tend to be compassionate towards others & able to sense certain emotions from others.

They say the truly brave are often soft of heart and bears are no exception. Do not let their size fool you. Bears are some of the most patient and nurturing types of people. They stand tall and confident in the face of harsh conditions & ground those who find a place in their inner circle.

Beware, though, because they are fearless in the face of adversity. They are a grounding force in times of difficulty. Bears can also survive harsh conditions for long periods of time, using their struggle to mold them.

Despite what people may think, they can be sociable when the occasion calls for it. However, they emphasize the importance of solitude, quiet time, and rest. Give them room to recollect themselves and their thoughts before pushing them into a crowd.

These are your birds of prey, predatory in nature:
Hawk, Falcon, Eagle, Owl, Vulture, Buzzard.

Often seen in messenger roles, birds tend to have a heightened spiritual awareness and understanding of the world around them. They are highly intelligent with a keen eye that sees more than most folks are comfortable with and plan steps ahead of others; however, they tend to be on the quiet and observant side to take in the full picture before speaking out.

The cast has an inclination toward divination tools, including vision quests, and believe in following intuition above all else when making choices. Truth and wisdom are greatly valued by them and offered to anyone with ears to hear. Allowing wisdom to guide helps them extract secrets from others or detect deceit which makes it difficult for others to lie to them.

Given their beliefs, it can be difficult for birds to part with something even if the value has been lost. The same could be said for people, though the wisdom of the spirits beyond humans is often sought before making a final decision with regard to the cast.

A coyote is only good until problematic obstacles are gone and then they become the problem.

Known for their superior cunning abilities, they are quite the clever ones. Coyotes have a strong adaptability and are very resourceful when they need to be. They're notoriously adventurous and travel endlessly until they find a spot to settle. An important aspect of their lives is family, and they tend to stick close to those they consider family.

Do not make an enemy of them, because you will never be forgiven. They're susceptible to frenzy and berserk rages. Coyotes do not play fair and they have superior fighting abilities. Remember this:

Coyote is always out there waiting . . . and coyote is always hungry.

"Cunning like a fox" is a well known saying in the world and for good measure. Foxes are extremely intelligent and are the type to think several steps ahead of others. They are sly and stealthy, excelling the art of concealment and illusions. They are observant and attuned to any environment or situation they find themselves in.

They are often mistaken to have otherworldly abilities and shamanic practices due to their lightning quick reflexes and keenness. Charismatic and with a natural sense of humor, foxes are brilliant with a crowd. They easily slip into many different roles as circumstances dictate. Never dupe or disrespect a fox for they see themselves as the hand of "karma" and can unleash deadly pranks upon people.

Because of their ability as a master trickster, they know too well when there's malicious trouble afoot. They are able to see past the illusion that others create. Foxes are the type to warn others or bring messages that will help someone find ways around a situation if face-to-face doesn't work. They are also master travelers of the dreamscape and can help decipher the meaning of your dreams.

These are your large, predator, cat breeds:
Lions, Tigers, Cougars, Jaguars, Panthers, Cheetah, Caracal, Lynx, Serval, Puma, Bobcat, etc.

The King or Queen of the Beasts. The predatory wildcats of the animal spirits are the symbolism of raw power, courage, and aggressiveness. These are the guardians of the earthly plane who protect humans and others from supernatural forces and dark entities. They are versed in astral traveling, but their main source of power comes from the physical realm.

Regal, intelligent, and the embodiment of elegant power, these large cats are natural leaders. They are highly passionate about what they do in life and exert a strong sense of confidence. Disrespect and the word "quit" are not part of their vocabulary. This proud lot are determined and hold a sense of righteousness with conviction. Rarely do they feel guilt given they can manage strong emotions more effectively than others.

When striking in any sense, the results are swift, sure, and generally not pleasant. Proactive, these wildcats are ready for any trouble but do not willingly seek it out. They believe in being prepared for any situation and have the ability to stay completely motionless or silent for long periods of time. Another great ability for them is that they can see the potential in others and encourage people to bring out this potential. However, it must be known that they are also an independent lot, choosing to be loners even while part of a pride. Often times than not, they can move around without being seen or heard due to their love of being on their own. It is best to let them come to you.

Those who do not make it to sacred ground suffer a far worse fate. Instead of living in co-existence with an animal spirit, they are invaded by a monstrous spirit that taints everything. It gives them cannibalistic urges that quickly eat away at their humanity when they give in until nothing remains but the animal prowling beneath the skin.

While it is possible for wendigos to live among humans, they are quite volatile, overly aggressive, and haunted by their cannibalistic urges. They are frequently loners due to their inability to submit to an authority beyond their own which only heightens the aggression factor.

The only way to reverse the wendigo curse is to get them to sacred ground by their second full moon yet they cannot spill a drop of violent blood between moons, theirs or anyone else's, without forfeiting the ability to be cured.

If they become known to a group of werecreatures, the wendigo will be reported to the peacekeepers who will hunt then remove it since they are beyond the usual clan control.

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