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Within the territory, are 7 groups who protect the land. Recently, sacred grounds around the world are being destroyed & it looks like Somerset is next. Will you help stand against the evil or help win its victory?
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Somerset, Pennsylvania
June 2018
FORECAST: Spring is in the air with showers throughout the week. The high is 75° with a low of 53°.
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Somerset, Pennsylvania

Somerset to Campground:16 minutes
Somerset to Laurel Hill State Park: 21 minutes
Somerset to Pittsburgh: 1hr 9min
Somerset to Philadelphia: 4hr 50min

The setting takes place in a fictionalized version of Somerset, Pennsylvania in the present time. While it may appear to be a small rural town in the United States, the clan territory stretches for miles and is indicated on the map above. The area is more humid than average climates due to its high elevation but surrounded by dense forests and farmland. The economy is largely based on small businesses belonging to residents, farms/stables, schools, and the hospital.

Below we have divided up the territory by clan and detailed information about the town to give an in-depth understanding of the setting your character will be part of while playing. Images are placed under each section for a better look at what the main houses look like. If you have any questions, please ask a staff member and we'll be glad to help out.


In 1880, the Ulric family moved into the Somerset area and purchased land to farm. In December, Abraham Ulric discovered the remains of a property in the middle of the forest. It is here that the Great Wolf Spirit comes to him and offers the gift of the bite. In exchange, he and his family are made guardians of the sacred ground. The original wolf territory extended from the edges of Laurel Hill State Park to the borders of the town. As Somerset stretched, so did the wolf territory. The Ulrics have been in power of the land for 137 years.


Where the Ulric family are born and raised for most of their lives and where newly turned wolves stay as they adjust to their transformation. The top master bedroom belongs to Macon and Sybil. The smaller top bedrooms are for families or close friends to the pack. There is a white extension of the farmhouse that is the living quarters to any guests or recent turns. On the first level of the house are the living room, study, kitchen, and a large dining room that fits several members. During Sunday nights and holidays, the living room is converted as an extension of the dining room to squeeze in all pack members.

The crops surround 3/4ths of the land near the farmhouse with the stables to the east. Those who wish to work off any debt or contribute to the pack's treasury can take a job with any of these.


The Wilkes clan, a large group of werebears, migrated to Somerset in the early 1900s. They bought a decent chunk of property north of the town and started a fledgling business where they began doing woodworking, including hand-carved furniture. Although they lacked access to sacred ground, the Wilkes lived in peace with the Ulric clan and expanded their business while growing their numbers. In the late 1980s, the Wilkes and Ulrics came to an agreement that allowed them access to sacred ground on a limited basis.


Built by the original Wilkes family, the top story is reserved for Callie Wilkes as well as her children who still live at home. There are multiple bedrooms open to clan members and cabins built on the nearby land that belongs to the family for newcomers. It has a huge kitchen and living room that leads out onto a large patio with several fire pits and is open to all sleuth members; however, there are expectations of cleaning up after oneself and respecting the house. It's often the sight of holiday parties, graduations, and any other celebration within the sleuth.

There are several acres dedicated to crops and livestock that is mostly maintained by the Wilkes, though other sleuth members help. Non-sleuth members are also welcome to help and earn a regular wage from the family.

Further away from the road, in the surrounding area, are the Hospitality Cabins for anyone who joins the sleuth. Each is hand-built by the clan and individually personalized to fit the person who will be living there. The cabins are spread out with enough space for one to enjoy the solitude, but close enough for neighbors in case of emergencies. In some instances, the cabins are for people under the protection of the sleuth or those in a desperate situation.


The original Avery cast is originally from Washington and moved to Pennsylvania in 1974. They stayed on the outskirts during negotiations but was later invited in after their assistance with the Wendigo War. Their territory is a small chunk of land on the west where they are charged with protecting the forested land and keep unsuspecting visitors away from sacred ground. They are also considered the messengers from the animal spirits and encourage their fellow cast mates to seek independent guidance through meditation, using their close proximity to sacred ground as a catalyst. There are two annual vision quests that are led by the Avery twins where the clan meets in a large tent on their land.


Back when the alliance was still so new between the clans, Kachina Avery and her family bought an old farmland and converted an abandoned barn into a home for them. Over the years, they have reconstructed and built onto the original structure. The now have several barn-designed building in the territory where they house people in need of shelter. It is also the home of the Avery twins. There is plenty of open spaces and windows which help the birds not feel so claustrophobic when guests are present.


The Sons of Mayhem coyote pack arrived in early 2000 and promptly took over the original Lost Mountain Campgrounds. Their claim has never been made official, though the length of time they'd lived there and maintained the area has given them unspoken ownership of it. Despite an initially antagonistic relationship with the other clans, the Sons took an active role on their side during the fighting of five years ago and are in the process of negotiating access to sacred ground.

Anyone living in the campground should expect to witness a hedonistic lifestyle and likely pay protection money to the club.



In March 2018, The Carnival of Minciuni settled just to the west of the unofficial coyote territory. Their carnival was set up to run during the spring to early fall months while their caravan took up a residence of their own not too far away. It's predominantly a collection of tents, transportable living spaces, and outdoor decor tied to the nearby carnival with rides, booths, and a tent for performances. Only carnival performers, workers, and members are allowed to live within the area.



At present, the cougars have taken up residence within a hotel in Pittsburgh and travel almost daily between there and Somerset. It's unknown how long this arrangement will continue.






In the early 1970s, seven hunter families came together to form the peacekeeper organization and began to renovate and expand a dilapidated building formerly used by deer hunters in their downtime. It gave them a base and their own space outside the clans' territory where they could do things their way. The building has expanded to almost four times the original size and continues to grow as a means to accommodate their growing numbers.


Situated into the very back of a field, the peacekeeper complex looks similar to a military dorm with same-sex groups housed together on opposite ends of the building. The living spaces are large, sparse, and often double as training facilities. It has an abundance of bulletproof windows that allow them to see any threat from a distance and a state-of-the-art security system as well as numerous weapons on the premises. Only married peacekeepers or those with families are permitted to live apart from the dorms, though they still remain within the complex.

The surrounding area is largely flatland plus heavily monitored by cameras and an ever-changing guard schedule. Retina and fingerprint scans are required to get inside the building itself as well as access dorms and weapons storage. No werecreatures are permitted on the premises.


In the middle of Laurel Hill State Park is the ruins of what looks like a stone castle structure. There is no record or map which indicates what the building was or who it belonged to before Abraham Ulric discovered it in 1880. On that fateful day, the Great Wolf spirit called out to Abraham and claimed him as a wolf. He became the father of a new bloodline of werewolves. In dedication to the Great Wolf spirit, he named the land Acca Larentia.

Every full moon, the clans gather there to shift as a group. A human who is marked must gain permission and be escorted to the grounds on their first full moon in order to be claimed. Rank duels between two challengers are fought in the center of the sacred grounds before their clan, their alpha, and the Great Spirit who guides them. It is heavily guarded by volunteers who take shifts warning away any who get too close.


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