[33 minutes ago] Wolfram Marx -- Tag @ Troy: This kind of thing happen often?
[Today at 10:23 am] Wolfram Marx -- Tag @ Callie: Like 20 questions, but with exercise
[Today at 03:17 am] Eric Liang -- Tag @ Wolf: Don't make an offer you'll regret later
[Today at 02:45 am] Colin O'Sullivan -- Tag @ O'Sullivans, Averys, Ulrics, and Wilkes: Free drinks and sandwiches are set up in the cafeteria now
[Today at 02:28 am] Ray Wallace -- Tag @ Mairi: Hot. Damn. Who drinks this stuff?
[Today at 02:08 am] Ray Wallace -- Tag @ Dallas: Change that attitude of yours and we'll play a game with better rewards
[Today at 01:37 am] Eric Liang -- Tag @ Thunderdome Peeps: Only if there are cabana boys in speedos lathered in honey
[Today at 01:04 am] Jude Crow -- Tag @ Molly: It was him. He tainted Charlie's music selection.
[Today at 12:28 am] Solana Ellis -- Tag@OPEN: the music of the night awakens
[Today at 12:01 am] Brandy Carter -- Tag@Thunderdome Kids: Mud-wrestling, that is all.